Welcome to Kedia

We are a consultancy firm
who helps you to develop
the right strategy for
your blockchain-based project.

"The company without a strategy is willing to try anything."
- Michael Porter

We Are Kedia!

Most of the current blockchain projects lack of a strategic vision.
Our main strenght is that we join the best of two worlds, strategic management and our knowledge on the blockchain. Strategy is the essence of the success. Don't make decisions that compromise your future success. We help you identify if the blockchain is the technology that you need, and, if the answer is yes, we help you to define the path towards success.

What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your blockchain-based project!

Strategic Management

All the projects need a strategy to follow. We help you to understand how to plan the future of the project, and determine what resources and capabilities you need for it.


We provide two types of training courses. We give you training on the blockchain technology. And we offer you training on the strategic management tools you will need to dominate for suceeding.


We help you to properly communicate your project. Once you understand the strategy to follow, it is easier to choose what to communicate and how.


We help you to find the right resources to make your project a reality.

Project Design

We help you to fit the right time for all the stages of the project implementation. There is a right time for everything!


If you need it, we connect you with the developers to implement your blockchain-based project.

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